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"Go back to prehistoric times with the new tough Brontosaurus playset from BiOBUDDi. Collect all-new Dinos from the Dinosaur set and create your very own dino world. Combine it with another set of the Dinosaur theme, such as T-rex or Triceratops to discover all new dinosaurs. Playing with toy blocks is good for the motor development of a young child.

Go back to prehistoric times with your child

Discover the environmentally friendly toy blocks from BiOBUDDi. The BiOBUDDi toy sets guarantee hours of fun. Unleash your son or daughter in his or her own fantasy world by introducing them to these prehistoric dinosaurs. Build your very own Brontosaurus with all 21 colored blocks and use the express cards for a life like dino experience. The playset guarantees hours of construction and fun.

Spectacular toy set

The content of this spectacular toy set consists of 21 colored blocks with multiple prints on it, there are also 6 cardholders and 7 expression cards to create a real experience. You can push these express cards out of the 100% recyclable packaging. The package also contains a manual/leather booklet and a BiOBUDDi explanation flyer, in which the parent, caregiver, grandfather or grandmother can read exactly how the product is manufactured in the Netherlands.

Toy blocks for the child

All BiOBUDDi products are made in an environmentally friendly way in the Netherlands. The toy blocks are made from the sugar cane plant. Normal plastics are made from oil, so this is not the case with our toys. All building blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable and safe. This organic toy is made for children aged 1.5 to 6 years old and is safe and educational.

The main advantages of this Brontosaurus
Environmentally friendly made from sugar cane
Made in the Netherlands
The building is good for motor skills and fantasy
100% recyclable packaging
The toy blocks can be combined with the blocks from other brands
Combine this set with other dinosaurs
Buy more of our fantastic fun sets

Combine this set with another fantastic fun set such as the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, or the T-rex and experience the coolest prehistoric adventures. Increase the fun, difficulty, and confidence of your toddler.