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"This brown friendly monkey would like to be friends with you. The toy animals from BiOBUDDi guarantee hours of fun! By building and playing with Animal Planet's monkey, children develop not only motor and creative skills but also cognitive skills. Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity with the BiOBUDDi toy blocks.

This building set consists of 24 parts, 15 building blocks, 2 slot blocks, 7 expression cards for creating a beautiful background, and playing a memory game. The playset also contains a nice textbook."

The cheerful monkey from Animal planet playset

The Animal planet monkey playset consists of 15 colored building blocks with prints on them. In addition, there are also 6 express cards, of which 1 background card and 2 slot blocks in the kit. The express cards and background cards can all be removed from the 100% recyclable packaging. Then use the slot blocks to set the background upright for even more fun. With all expression cards, you also play an educational memory game. You can combine this set with all other BiOBUDDi Animal planet playsets such as the turtle to discover even more animals.

Develop your child's motor development

Playing with blocks is good for the motor development of a young child. In the Netherlands, all BiOBUDDi toy blocks are made from the sugar cane plant in an environmentally friendly manner. The toy set is made for children aged 1.5 to 6 years old and is safe and educational.

The main advantages of BiOBUDDi toys

Environmentally friendly made from residual sugar cane
Made in the Netherlands
Building is good for motor skills and fantasy
100% recyclable packaging
Good for the motor development of a young child
The toy blocks can be combined with blocks from other well-known brands
The playset contains a textbook with assignments, with which the child can perform fun educational assignments

Discover and learn all new animals in a playful way with the new playset from BiOBUDDi. Collect all Animal planet toy sets and create your own animal world.