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Pixel & Create Lion or Dog

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"Create a tough lion or a happy dog ​​with this creative set. When you have finished building the sample cards, you can, of course, get creative yourself. These sustainable toy blocks, produced in the Netherlands, give you the freedom to make all kinds of different creations in 2D and 3D. The Pixel and create is a toy for children from 2 years old and fun for young and old! So what are you waiting for? Order this cool playset and start playing Pixels today.

This building set consists of 450-pixel cubes in the colors. Yellow, orange, brown and black.
building board
1 remover
2 idea cards"

What is in the packaging?

450-pixel cubes in the colors. Yellow, orange, brown and black.
building board
1 remover
2 idea cards

The main advantages of the article

The blocks are easy to assemble and disassemble
All parts are of high quality and are made of environmentally friendly material
You can stack and reuse the colored blocks to create a new design every time
You have the option to build in 2D and 3D
With this expansion pack, you can create all kinds of new things

Tips & tricks

This is a super fun new expansion pack that gives you many new possibilities, with which you can have hours of fun with your son or daughter. Make the 2 new idea cards together with the 450 new blocks, or use the colorful blocks to create your own idea in 2D or 3D. You can also expand your collection even further with other pixels and create extension packs from BiOBUDDi.

Choice of materials BiOBUDDi

BiOBUDDi products are designed and made in the Netherlands. BiOBUDDi produces high quality, environmentally friendly and durable toys. To guarantee the quality, we closely monitor the production process, in the Netherlands where all products are produced. The basis for our BiOBUDDi products comes from an unusable part of the sugar cane plant processing. This is a sustainable raw material. The entire production process is CO2 neutral and the products can be recycled. The raw material does not infringe on the food chain in any way and is circular. Even the manuals, packaging, glue and other materials are made from natural materials.